Hotel Caní El Vilà

Kennels Barcelona

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Do you want us to look after your pet for a long period of time? You can’t take care of him for different circumstances? We look after your pet and we will fuss him over as much as he allows us to do it. We will, of course, take care of his needs (vaccinations, internal and external dewormings), and we will give him medicine when needed.  We will take him to the vet once a year for the complete checkup, and to do a leishmania test. Obviously, you can come and see him whenever you want and spend a day with him… Ask for a quotation, we will prepare it according to your pet’s needs.

The dogs in the hotel that are permanents or semi-permanemts guests, they enjoy a 16m2 room, with an inside zone, central heating and drinking trough each one. They have, of course, access to the playground some hours a day.

If further information is needed, fill out the following form, and we will contact you asap!