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The ethology is the science that studies the behavior of animals in the wild (in their natural environment). For dogs that do not even live in freedom or in their natural environment and also have had to adapt to life in the company of another species, we support on the applied ethology.

The difficulty lies in that in order to study the dog, you have to rely on their brothers, the wolves, but with the added complication that the dogs lives in an environment with routines so much different as their natural ones.

At the Hotel Caní El Vilà, we treat all behavioral problems from a scientific basis. It is very important issuing a correct diagnosis in the treatment of previously anomalous behavior, so we rely on the applied ethology for this kind of problems. Our procedure is the following one:

  • Visit with the owner with a complete medical history form of conduct that must be previously filled out.
  • Case study and referral to the vet to do tests, in the case is needed to  discard organic problems.
  • Writing a report with our diagnosis and treatment. In this report we detail the causes of the problem and the treatment that should be followed, explaining carefully all steps, and, if necessary, medication, neutering, guidelines to be followed by the owner, dog training if necessary, etc.

First visit is free and without obligation!!!

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