Hotel Caní El Vilà

Kennels Barcelona

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  • Magnificent room Master suite of 48 square meters with centenary tree in its patio.
  • 10 m2 of indoor area tiled, outdoor 38m2 with sand and green.
  • Radiant heating with independent thermostat and temperature probe.
  • Full insulation and air conditioning.
  • Piped music, relaxation music for hours of rest.
  • Webcam to see your dog from Android and Apple mobile devices.
  • Lcd HD TV channel DOGTV special dog.
  •   Access to green area with swimming pool and recreation area
  • 4 different spaces and recreation area where you walk out alone or with other dogs depending on the sociability of each.
  • Near puppies and small breeds (grass, toys, tunnels …)
  • Great space for dogs that need a lot of exercise.
  • 2 general areas to relieve themselves.
  • Closed surveillance cameras with video recording 24 hours around the enclosure system.

Available from May 1, 2019!!!!