Hotel Caní El Vilà

Kennels Barcelona

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Our aim is that our pets are well cared and that they feel fine. We do not want them to think that their owners shut them in an unknown place and go away… The minimum daily walking is between 1 and 2 hours twice a day.

Most part of the year they are running freely for all our premises all the day, but at night or at the hottest hours they rest inside their customized rooms. That isn’t possible during the high season (mainly in August), as the volume of dogs is really high.

We highly recommend you to bring along the bed or a towel, or anything that smells home. You should bring also its favorite toy, and if they are really special, you should bring their recipients for the food and the water too. This kind of things, help them to feel better and safer.

Each dog is different and its necessities too. There are dogs that prefer being with other dogs for run and play together, but other dogs that are less sociable, they walk alone and we, ourselves, play with them.

Some of them are really shy, but in almost all cases, in 1 or 2 days they get to know us, and then, they can go out with another dogs, feeling, consequently better.