Hotel Caní El Vilà

Kennels Barcelona

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How many times a day go the dogs for a walk?

At the Hotel Cani, the dogs go for a walk  twice a day, between one and two hours and, all the time they are supervised by Hotel Cani’s Highly Qualified staff.

And if my dog is in heat?

At the time of doing the check-in, it’s very important that you inform if your dog is in heat, or when it’s supposed that she goes into heat. If your dog is in heat during the stay in the hotel, she will never be in contact with other males or dominant females, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

 At what time should I bring my dog to the Hotel?

The entries to the Hotel Cani will be made within the established timetable, being the first hour at 11.00 am.

At what time should I pick my dog from the Hotel?

Check-outs must be made from 11.00 am to 13.00. After this time, the Hotel Caní reserves the right to charge an additional half day.

And what happens if I can’t bring or pick my dog?

We handle everything at the Hotel Caní, and we have a shuttle service to pick up or bring your dog. You can check prices when booking.

 Which food will eat my dog at the Hotel Caní?

We give Super Premium range  feed to our guest twice a day, but you can also bring their feed if it’s a delicate dog.

 And what about if my dog takes medication or needs special cares?

In the case that your dogs needs to take medication of any kind, the name of the medication and the daily dose to take is needed to be indicated in writen form.

 And what happens if my dog is not sociable with other dogs?

It is very important to inform us of the dog’s behaviour and sociability with other animals, and even more if he is aggressive with people or other animals. If so, it’s necessary to wear a muzzle.

During the walkings, the dogs will have the opportunity to interact with other dogs if their behaviour allows us to do so, all the time they will be supervised by Hotel Cani’s Highly Qualified staff.

 With which dogs will interact my dog?

Dogs go for a walk by sizes, what it means is that we split the little dogs, from the medium ones and from the big/giant ones, taking always care of their socialization.

Each dog is different and its necessities too. There are dogs that prefer being with other dogs for run and play together, but other dogs that are less sociable, they walk alone and we, ourselves, play with them.

There are any requirements to bring my dog to the Hotel?

Dogs must be up to date vaccinated, they have to be properly dewormed, internally and externally, and they have to be protected against external parasites and mosquitoes and having an identifying microchip.

The Hotel Caní recommends you to ask your vet the requirements for carrying your dog to our center. We do also it is obligatory  carrying parainfluenza vaccine against infectious tracheobronquitis (Norvibac KC), which can be spread even after 15 days of the recovery.

 Can my dog get ill in the Hotel Caní?

All the dogs in the Hotel Caní are healthy. That is how we avoid any possible infection to be spread.

In the case that your dog gets ill during the stay, we will contact your vet in order to proceed with the best treatmentm and we inform you before taking any decision.

 Is it possible to visit the premises before doing the booking?

Of course! You will only have to call us in order to confirm the visit and we will be pleased to show you the Hotel. If you prefer it, you can come with your dog.

 What happens if my dog relieves himself in his room?

In the Hotel Caní we clean every day all the rooms, so if your dog makes his room dirty, do not worry about it! We will clean inmediately.

 Why my dog seems to be angry or apathic after the Hotel stay?

During the stay in our residence, animals suffer what we call Positive Stress, which is directly related to the impressions of the external world and produces no organic imbalance, and , can be also pleasant for the dog. This stress causes an acceleration of the body, and when it disappears, causes a total relax.

Is for this reason, that when the dogs come back home, they may have symptoms of exhaustion or lack of activity. But do not worry about that, they are not sick, they are not angry nor depressed. Their body just needs to rest and recover from all the emotions experienced during the holidays.

 May I have to carry their things?

We highly recommend you to bring along the bed or a towel, or anything that smells home. You should bring also its favorite toy, and if they are really special, you should bring their recipients for the food and the water too. This kind of things, help them to feel better and safer.

In order to check that their vaccines are up to date, it’s necessary to bring the Vaccination record or the European Passport at the time of doing the check-in.

 And if I want the Hotel Caní to care my dog for a long stay?

Up to 21 days of stay you will enjoy important discounts, but if you need us to care for your dog a longer stay we will look after your pet and we will fuss him over as much as he allows us to do it. We will, of course, take care of his needs (vaccinations, internal and external dewormings), and we will give him medicine when needed.  We will take him to the vet once a year for the complete checkup, and to do a leishmania test. Obviously, you can come and see him whenever you want and spend a day with him… Or many!  Ask for a quotation, we will prepare it according to your pet’s needs.

The dogs in the hotel that are permanents or semi-permanemts guests, they enjoy a 16m2 room, with an inside zone, central heating and drinking trough each one. They have, of course, access to the playground some hours a day.

 How can I do the booking?

If you click on the menu ONLINE RESERVATIONS which you will find at the top of this page, and fill the fom with the requested data, we will send you one proforma invoice for your revision and confirmation in 24 hours at the latest.