Hotel Caní El Vilà

Kennels Barcelona

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Hotel Cani el Vilà staff is composed by Josep, Laura, Rosa and Jordi.

Josep Cardona

  • Hotel Manager, consultant, educator, trainer, canine therapist.
  • Former musher with over 25 years of experience dealing with dogs.
  • ANACP member (Asociación Nacional de Adiestradores Caninos – National Association of Dog Trainers)
  • Several times Dog sledge’s Champion of Spain & Catalonia5th classified of the World and awarded as the Best Novice Catalan Sportsman 2001. Total control of his 22 dogs in all the situations.
  • Dog’s courses: obedience (basic and advanced), rescue, behavioural training and clicker.
  • Several seminars done in Spain.
  • Agility course.
  • Nowadays, taking an advanced training course, search, chemical products and explosives.

Laura Pintó

  • Veterinary assistant, dog’s caring at the Hotel. Animal lover since she was a teenager.
  • Ex-handler (Josep’s essential assistant) at all the trainings exercises and competitions they have attended, as well as winning some races.
  • Agility course.
  • Basic dog training course and participation in several seminars on canine topics.

Rosa Garcia

  • Veterinarian of the hotel.
  • Great passionate animal world.
  • She studied Veterinary Medicine at the Autonomous University of Bellaterra.
  • She has worked as a veterinarian for a small animal clinic for fifteen years doing various tasks, from general consultations, surgeries, emergency services and various types of care.
  • He completed the Veterinary Acupuncture Postgraduate course at the UAB with acupuncture, homeopathy and home-engineering consultations.
  • Dog hairstyle