Veterinary care, services and assistance

  • The Hotel caní el Vilá is committed to providing your pet with a pleasant stay with enough space, adequate hygiene measures and high-end food.
  • The dog will go out to the play areas at least twice a day and will be given the opportunity to interact with other dogs – if their behavior allows – under the constant supervision of our highly qualified staff. For this reason, it is important to report the dog’s behavior and sociability, especially if he is aggressive with people or other animals, in which case the use of a muzzle will be necessary.
  • It is important that those who apply for a place at the Hotel caní el Vilà guarantee that the animal does not have – nor has it had in the 20 days prior to the date of entry – any infectious-contagious disease and, in the event that be a female, you must also ensure that you are not in heat at the time of your stay at the residence.
    The animal must be properly dewormed – internally and externally – and must be effectively protected from external parasites and mosquitoes; in addition to being up to date with vaccines trivalent, pentavalent, or heptavalent against common diseases and carrying the regulatory identification microchip.

The Hotel caní el Vilà recommends that your veterinarian advise you on the possible preventive measures to take for your dog, among which we recommend and mandatory for stays of more than 3 nights, is the Nobivac KC vaccine against infectious tracheobronchitis, as which is a virus that can be spread even 15 days after the date of healing.

In the event that your pet has to take any medication, the name of the medication and the daily dose to be taken must be stated in writing.

The owner of the animal, or failing that, the person making the request for stay, authorizes the Hotel caní el Vilá to use the veterinary services it deems necessary to ensure the health of your animal. as well as making decisions about any incidents or setbacks that may arise in relation to your health status. Any of these actions will be performed and supervised by a registered veterinarian.

The Hotel caní el Vilà undertakes to notify (whenever possible) the customer of any incident as soon as possible, via the contact telephone number provided for this purpose.

Reservation system

Prior to the start of the animal’s stay at the residence, the dates of entry and exit will be set, which must obviously be respected. Should these be changed, it is essential to notify us in advance.

The reserved days must be paid in full even if you come earlier to pick up your pet.

Tickets can be purchased within the established hours, ie from 11:00 to 13 and from 17 to 20 hours. Departures, on the other hand, must be from 11:00 to 13:00. If the departure is in the afternoon, the Hotel caní el Vilà reserves the right to charge a half-day supplement.
The availability indicated on the website may vary if the system has not been updated correctly, so the allocation of room and services are always subject to the approval and subsequent sending of the reservation in “Pdf” (despite payment by “PayPal”). In the event that there is no real availability of room and services and, therefore, the reservation cannot be made, the Hotel caní el Vilà will refund the amount paid.
The deposit or payment on account, will not be refunded if you decide to cancel the reservation later, but will remain available for an upcoming reservation within one year from the date of the canceled reservation,
Exceptionally, the agreed price of the dog’s stay or transport may vary if any mishap arises (need to give medication, visit the vet, duration of transport… etc)
If you have more than one pet, you must open the additional box and choose the option, the price varies by 50% per additional dog.

Discounts / promotions and offers

The discounts applied by the booking platform are based on the days booked and cannot be combined with other offers.
In August, all kinds of discounts and offers are excluded and the minimum stay is 2 nights.
Protection of personal data
Through this website, we collect the personal data necessary for the management and maintenance of some of our services. This data will be included in our files, which are conveniently registered in the register of the Data Protection Agency.
Without prejudice to the purposes indicated in each case, this information will be kept and managed with due confidentiality, applying the computer security measures established by the applicable legislation to prevent access to the misuse of your data, manipulation, deterioration or loss.
You may exercise your rights of access, rectification or cancellation at any time

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