Mini suite Cat


interior room

Interior rooms of 4m² with independent underfloor heating with thermostat, safety thermal probe and air conditioning.

outdoor courtyard

Individual outdoor patio of 6m² outside with a cat tree and scratcher to play and a tray with sand so that they can do their needs.



Musical thread with relaxing music for the hours of rest.

Informative video

photo gallery

Check online availability and budget:

  1. Choose day of check-in and check-out.
  2. Choose pet’s number in the same room.
  3. Choose the times for check-in and check-out.
  4. Choose all the services you need, you will see the total price.
  5. If it fits your needs, fill out the form with your details and your pet too, choose method of payment of the deposit and send the reservation.
  6. In the period of 24/48 hours you will have the confirmation of the reservation in your e-mail.
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