Frequently asked questions and answers

The day-to-day life of the dogs at the  Hotel Caní El Vilà is based on a carefully planned routine.

In the morning, early on, they go out to the general yards (we have 6 yards and a training area) in groups that get along well, previously evaluated and supervised by qualified staff. In case a dog cannot socialize, it will go out alone.

The duration in the yard varies depending on their behavior, usually from one to two hours, while we clean, ventilate, and prepare their rooms for them to enter shortly before 11 in the morning. Once rested from the yard, they are given breakfast, ensuring that they do not have a full stomach during the time they have been in the play area.

During the summer months, water enthusiasts can enjoy refreshing moments in our special dog pool.

After breakfast, the dogs rest peacefully in their personalized rooms until the afternoon when we repeat the same procedure until dinner time. This approach ensures a comfortable and safe environment for all our canine guests.

In our exclusive pet hotel, we understand that dogs and cats are part of the family, and we strive to provide them with a comfortable and secure experience. We value the diversity of canine and feline breeds and personalities and are pleased to welcome all types of dogs and cats.

However, our primary priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of all our guests, as well as our staff. For this reason, we want to inform you that we accept all types of dogs and cats as long as they do not exhibit behavior problems with humans.

Additionally, for brachycephalic breeds and those dogs and cats that may have health issues, it is necessary to obtain approval from our experienced veterinary team before their stay. We care about the health and comfort of each of our guests, and this measure helps us ensure a suitable environment for those who may need special attention.

Our hotel is not limited to caring for dogs and cats alone; we are also delighted to offer hospitality to other small pets such as rabbits, hamsters, birds, ferrets, and many more. We understand that each pet is unique, and we provide a cared-for and safe environment for all our guests, regardless of their size or species. Inquire now!

Dogs go for walks with others based on their sizes, so, we separate small, medium and big dogs, and we’re always watching them just in case.

Every dog is different and so are their needs. Some prefer to be with other dogs to play and run together, but others maybe aren’t very sociable, so they go out alone and but they can run and play with us.

It is extremely important that you inform us in detail about your dog’s behavior and sociability with other animals, especially if it’s is aggressive with people or other animals. In this case it is necessary to wear muzzle.

During playtime it will be given the opportunity to interact with other dogs if their behavior allows it. At all times the dog will be looked after by the highly qualified staff of the Hotel Caní.

When checking-in, it is very important that we are informed if your dog is “in heat”, or if she should have it soon. If your dog is in heat during their stay in the Hotel, she will never be in contact with non-castrated males or dominant females, in order to avoid problems.

We recommend that you bring your own bed or towel, or something that smells like “your home”. You can also bring their favorite toy, and if they are very special, their food and water containers. These aspects help them feel better and more protected.

At Hotel Caní, we clean the rooms every day, so if your dog gets his room dirty, don’t worry, we’ll pick it up right away.

We give you super premium gamma feed twice a day, but they can also carry their own food if the dog is delicate and in case they eat any other type of diet (barf diet, for example), we will give that to them.

In the case that your dog has to take medication of any kind, it will be necessary to indicate the name of the medication and doses your dog takes during the day.

Dogs must keep their vaccines trivalent, pentavalent, or heptavalent against common diseasesup to date, must be dewormed externally and internally, wear protection against external parasites and mosquitoes, and carry the identification microchip or tattoo.

Hotel Caní recommends that you ask your veterinarian for the requirements to bring your dog to our center. Also, for stays of more than 3 nights, they must carry the Parainfluencia vaccine together with Bordetella against infectious tracheobronchitis (Novibac KC), because this disease can be spread even 15 days after they get cured.

All dogs entering the Caní Hotel are healthy. This is how we prevent contagion.

In the case that your dog becomes ill during the stay, we contact your veterinarian in order to proceed with the treatment that he deems most appropriate, and inform you before making any decision.

From twenty-one days of stay you will be able to enjoy significant discounts, but if you have to leave your dog for a long season or, for different circumstances, can no longer take care of them, we will take care of them and we will consent to it as much as necessary and take care of all your needs (vaccines, internal and external deworming) and give them, if he need it, the medication he need to take. We will also take them to the vet once a year for a complete check-up and leishmania test.

You can come and visit them whenever you want, you can even take them with you for the day and return them before we close. Check our prices, contact us and we will give you a quote depending on the needs of your dog.

The semi-permanent or permanent dogs in our residence are in rooms of 16m² with inner rooms, automatic clean water, heating floor, and they have, of course, their own time to enjoy our areas several hours a day.



The check-in must be done during our schedule of the season, the opening hour being 11:00.

The check-out must be made from 11:00 to 13:00. From this time, Hotel Caní reserves the right to charge a supplement.

At Hotel Caní we think about everything, and we have a transport service to pick up or take your dog home. You can check the prices when booking.

During the stay in our residence, the animals suffer from what we call positive stress, directly related to the impressions of the external world, it does not produce any organic imbalance, but it’s even becoming pleasant for them. This stress causes an acceleration of the body and, when it disappears, causes a total relaxation of it.

This is the reason why dogs, when they return home, may show symptoms of exhaustion or lack of activity, but don’t worry, they are not sick, they are not angry with you, nor are they depressed. Their body simply needs to rest and recover from all the emotions experienced during their holidays.

Of course! You just have to call us in order to confirm your visit and we will show you our facilities. If you prefer, you can even come with your dog.

If you click on the ONLINE RESERVATIONS menu at the top of our website, and fill in the form with the data we ask for, we will send you a quote for acceptance within a maximum of 24 hours.

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