• Problems with your dog and you think you can’t control it?
  • Do you have habits that you have not been able to correct and do you have significant stress?
  • Has the situation become unsustainable?
  • Has your life changed and you think you can’t have it for different reasons?
  • Do you think that you have done everything and do not see the solution, but as a responsible person you do not want to abandon him or get rid of him?

If you do not identify yourself, we can give you a solution from the Caní el Vilà hotel.

We can offer you a stay plan adapted to your needs or situation, from semi-permanent stays in order to try to reverse the situation with professional help, to a permanent stay or with the option of seeking adoption for your furry.

All plans include all maintenance, from stay, food, deworming, vaccines, etc …

Informed without any commitment by the channel most comfortable for you and we will explain everything in detail and we will make a tailor-made study. You can also come and see us and this is how you see the different puppies we have with this regime.

We are waiting for you !!!

See how they go:



I’m Pipo, lovely with people I know, but very special with people I don’t. My owners have been parents and they just don’t trust me on this aspect. They come to see me every week and we go to the river to have a good time. I return to the hotel where all my canine friends are waiting for me … (Trasto, Fastuk, Dolly, Daisy and others ..)


I am in Bat, good with people and dogs although I prefer females like Kyra who is also here for a long season. My owner can’t have me and I’ve taken care of my sister and parents who have looked for me a very nice hotel, they want me to be happy, do a lot of exercise, that for the race I am is essential and be calm because I’m in good hands …. I’m delighted!


I’m Jack, a very good dog with everyone. My owner separated and went to live with my mother in a flat in Barcelona and not being able to have me. He comes to see me every Monday and spends the day with me … I stay very quiet in the hotel because they take good care of me, with all the comforts and with many friends!


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